EX Webtrading:Ranking of 14 Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

Today, the corporate environment is undergoing a new phase of growth, with an abundance of solutions based on crypto technology being actively adopted. Businesses, both digital and traditional, have advanced to a new level of consumer retention by using crypto technologies to manage production and mutual settlement procedures. 

With the ability to process transactions in both fiat money and cryptos at the same time, the crypto world has presented businesses with a whole new set of opportunities for working with consumer payments in a timely, secure, and effective manner. And this technology is called a crypto payment gateway.

This article will guide the world of crypto technology and explain what a crypto payment gateway is and its importance for digital businesses. In addition, you will learn about the advantages of such systems to businesses in making payments. Ultimately, you will learn about the 15 best crypto payment gateways in 2023 that are worth a look.

Crypto gateway is an automated high-tech system that provides an efficient process of working with payments in digital assets.

Cryptocurrency gateways have a significant advantage in payment processing speed, fees and security over traditional payment services. 

A crypto payment gateway acts as a link between merchants, crypto processors and the buyer’s wallet, processing the basic information about the crypto payment.

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With all of the above in mind, there is no doubt that a reliable crypto payment gateway solution is not just an alternative option that allows customers to use digital coins to pay for goods and services but a vital tool that provides access to a variety of useful features that together facilitate and speed up the payment process.

crypto payment gateway

Today, the market is full of companies offering a reliable and modern approach to using digital assets for payment. Below is a list of the best crypto payment gateways that have distinguished themselves in the field of crypto processing software development, including crypto gateways for crypto transactions.

1. DePay

DePay is a digital service that uses the power of DeFi and Web3 technologies to provide a payment infrastructure that enables blockchain-based payments. As part of the payment transaction, DePay automatically converts tokens, making them easier for merchants to use. With DePay, received payments are instantly accessible in real-time, improving cash flow for merchants and developers. DeFi is leveraged by DePay to increase significantly the number of accepted tokens, allowing merchants to accept various digital assets.

2. Plisio

Plisio is a payment gateway that allows businesses to accept crypto payments from customers. It supports a variety of coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others, and provides a simple and secure way to process transactions.

Plisio offers several tools and features to help businesses manage crypto payments, including a donation page, shopping cart plugins, and invoicing solutions. It also provides various integration options with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and more.

3. Stripe

Stripe is a multi-functional international payment SaaS platform of Irish-American origin that provides fast and secure service for processing payments to financial companies worldwide. It is well known for its anti-fraud processes, which are consistent with the overall commitment to AML regulations.

Stripe is a great e-commerce solution as it provides over 450 integrations for accounting software, CRM platforms, POS and CMS systems. With Stripe, handling international payments is greatly simplified, allowing you to scale your business quickly and efficiently if desired.

4. SpicePay

SpicePay has developed a payment platform that operates on blockchain technology, making it possible for merchants to accept crypto payments in a user-friendly and cost-effective way. SpicePay primarily caters to South American, East European, and South Asian markets, but its wire transfer gateways allow it to be used globally. With its mobile-friendly, fast, affordable, and secure features, SpicePay simplifies conducting business using cryptos.

5. GoCoin

GoCoin is an international payment processing service providing a payment gateway consisting of customers’ APIs open for integration into businesses, retail and online merchants so they can accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin as payment methods.

GoCoin has only a one per cent fee for transactions. Also, GoCoin is a written-in Go language (golang) solution for Bitcoin that includes an online client, server software running all the time, an offline wallet application and other tools.

6. Corda

Corda is a restricted Ethereum blockchain-based crypto payment gateway and platform that utilises JVM smart contracts and is intended to be used exclusively by financial institutions for crypto transactions. A distributed ledger behaves like a distributed database that is decentralised like a blockchain. The data is stored on different nodes and hosts in the network.

7. CoinsBank

CoinsBank is a service that combines a payment system that supports Bitcoin and a lot of other altcoins, as well as a platform for exchanging cryptos. The trading terminal has a simple and intuitive interface that provides real-time transaction management and monitoring of changes in quotes on the market.

A distinctive feature of the CoinsBank payment gateway is the issue of a debit card connected to a wallet within the system. The user can use this card to make crypto and fiat purchases, thanks to the possibility of conversion.

8. Whalestack

Whalestack is a payment processor that allows online merchants and e-commerce shops to receive digital currencies and settle payments in their preferred national currency. The platform supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos and automatically converts them to the merchant’s bank account or crypto wallet. 

With Whalestack, merchants can denominate and settle sales in a national currency of their choice, regardless of the crypto used by the customer.

9. Paystand

Paystand’s main product is an enterprise-focused real-time payment system called Paystand Bank Network. 

Paystand fully automates payment procedures for specific industries. For example, the company allows insurance companies to receive premiums digitally and send claim settlements. Manufacturing, transportation, and pharmaceutical industries also benefit from a digitised money cycle.

Paystand does not charge a fee for payment processing. The company works with its customers on a subscription model – they are charged a fixed fee for using the software.

10. Blockonomics

Blockonomics is the only Bitcoin payment gateway that provides complete decentralisation in the e-commerce industry while ensuring complete anonymity and security of payments. 

Blockonomics decentralised payment system has all the tools necessary for any Bitcoin transaction. It can be used to pay for purchases conveniently at thousands of partner stores worldwide. The system also expands e-commerce opportunities by allowing online stores to accept BTC payments.

11. GoURL

The GoURL company provides crypto services such as Bitcoin plugins that can be seamlessly embedded with the WordPress website. With its Monetiser Online service, users can receive crypto coins without creating a website. It offers a free sign-up process. Although this service is free, it comes with additional fees, such as a compensation fee of 3.5%. As well as the compensation fee, GoURL charges a commission of 1.5%. Despite its popularity, it does not support bank transfers for users who value anonymity.

12. BTCPayServer

BTCPayServer is a free and open-source payment server that enables you to receive Bitcoin and other virtual coins without any fees or intermediaries. It can be seamlessly integrated into various platforms such as e-commerce stores, physical stores, charities, and content creators, allowing them to accept virtual assets as a form of payment.

13. Strike Payments

Strike Payments is one of the world’s leading digital wallets built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, with its own Strike API platform to serve trading platforms and merchants. This allows you to easily customise and manage different stores, cash flow information, and more. 

14. Veem

Veem is a San Francisco-based online global payments platform founded in 2014 by Marwan Forzley. It was previously known as Align Commerce and changed its name to Veem on March 8, 2017. The company serves 100 countries and 70 currencies, including US dollars, Canadian dollars, pounds sterling, euros, Hong Kong dollars, yuan and Australian dollars. Customers in 100 countries can receive payments, and customers in 25 can send payments.

Today’s corporate operations need the use of crypto payment services because of the advancement of technology and the emergence of new tools that are propelling the financial industry’s growth.

To stay one step ahead of the competition and offer the best payment options, companies are trying to partner with the best crypto payment gateways on the market that provide all the conditions for fast, secure, and efficient processing of payments in digital currencies.

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